The reason I do this is simple: I have a passion for photography and a love of beauty, design, and function. My photography seeks to show man-made environments, both as they were envisioned by its creators, and also by those who inhabit and use those environments. I try to combine flattery with pragmatism and represent built environments in ways that tell their story. As a native of Los Angeles I enjoy and am amused by it's architectural legacy, where some of the best built environments co-exist with some the worst. While many iconic treasures and precious open space fall prey to the axe of the sadly unimaginative, the architectural and design community in Los Angeles continues to produce exceptional work that's improving the urban landscape, and preparing it for the future. I also bring the same enthusiasm for design, form, and beauty to my work with people, products, and landscapes. And I’m a pretty nice guy to hang out with, who can handle any project, large or small, with competence, quickness and attention to detail. My back story is that I've always loved photography in every form, and any subject. After a number of successful years in the recording industry as an engineer and mixer, I bought my first "real" camera, many rolls of film, and a textbook on Photography. I then took a solo journey between the Oregon Coast and my home in Venice that changed my life forever. Shortly after my return I dropped everything else and enrolled in Santa Monica College’s excellent photography program, which was the perfect beginning to my professional career. My work has been published internationally and has been commissioned by leading Los Angeles architects and designers. I can accommodate almost any budget and can bring your project all the way from image capture to commercial press-checks and fine art prints. I have 4x5 film and 10 megapixel digital cameras, a wide collection of excellent lenses, and 9600 watts of transportable lighting that are included in my project rate for local shoots. I also have access to 22-39 megapixel, medium format digital capture systems for an additional charge. All of my work, regardless of the capture method, results in high quality digital files that can be put to immediate use. I look forward to discussing your next project with you.